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At Nibav, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way Canadians experience home living.
As a leading provider of home elevators in Canada, our commitment to innovation, quality, and safety sets us apart.

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home elevators in canada<br />

Who we are?

Nibav Home Elevators is your premier destination for cutting-edge home elevators in Canada. At Nibav, we blend innovation with a commitment to enhancing accessibility and luxury in your living space. With a focus on air-driven home lifts, we bring you space-saving elegance and futuristic comfort. Our mission is to provide Canadian households with top-tier vertical mobility solutions that redefine the concept of home living. Nibav Home Elevators—where quality, sophistication, and convenience converge seamlessly in the heart of your home.

Why Choose Nibav Home Elevators Canada?

Value and Quality

Value and Quality

Immerse yourself in unrivalled value and uncover vertical transit that’s smoother and quieter, transforming the way you experience home mobility in the best possible way
Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Simplify your life with Nibav’s home lifts —effortless elevator installation for instant accessibility. Our streamlined process ensures swift setup, seamlessly integrating convenience into your home.

European Standards

European Standards

Crafted to meet European standards. Transit with confidence, knowing our commitment to safety, efficiency, and design aligns seamlessly with top-notch quality.

Top Quality Home Elevators

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Home Elevators Series III Standard

Your home now has a one-of-a-kind mobility solution. The Series III standard home elevators ushers in a new era of air-driven home lifts that provide maximum comfort while also complementing the design of your home. Learn more about how you may make your home more convenient for your family. Contact us right now to speak with one of our elevator specialists.

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Home Elevators Series III Max

Experience added convenience with the Series III Max home elevators model, incorporating wheelchair accessibility for a comprehensive package. Nibav’s air-driven home lifts benefit every household member. From taking up heavy loads to transiting in maximum space choose the max way. Begin your customization now with the Series III Max home elevator model.

Home Elevators Features

360-degree View

Enjoy panoramic views as you ascend, making your journey not just functional but also visually stunning.


Nibav Home Elevators Ontario prioritizes safety with advanced features, ensuring a secure and worry-free experience for you and your loved ones.

TUV Certified Home Elevator

Rest easy knowing that our home elevators meet the rigorous safety and quality standards set by TUV, a globally recognized certification body.

Lightweight Structure

Our home elevators boast a lightweight yet robust structure, ensuring efficiency without compromising on strength.

Completely Knocked Down

Experience convenience from the start – our residential elevators are delivered completely knocked down, making elevator installation a breeze.

Self-Supporting Design

Nibav home elevators canada are engineered with a self-supporting design, minimizing the need for structural modifications in your household.

Download Your Free Brochure

Explore the possibilities of home elevators. Download our comprehensive brochure to delve into the details of our products, features, and commitment to excellence.

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“As a parent, I am grateful to Nibav Home Elevators for their commitment to safety, which is evident in the EN, CE, and TUV SUD certifications. Their dedication to safety gives me confidence in the products I purchase for my home"
Deion Kentay, Canada
“I had limited space in my basement, but the NIBAV elevator’s compact design made it the perfect solution. It not only looks sleek and stylish, but it also provides convenient access to my kitchen on the lower level."
Chef John Christopher, Australia
“I always believed that climbing stairs is a great form of exercise, but I learned the hard way that using an improper form can lead to knee injuries. I now make sure to use my home elevator to safely access my basement gym."
William, Australia