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Home Elevators Series III Standard

Upgrade your home with Nibav’s sleek Series III Standard home elevator model, accommodating up to 4 stops (G+3). Enjoy a stylish appearance, meeting safety standards for the world’s safest ride. Our home lifts fit seamlessly into your residence without any construction work, anytime, anywhere!

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Home Elevators Series III Max

Transform your space with ease by adding our stylish yet luxurious Series III Max home elevator. Tailored for seamless movement, it meets all your home requirements. Our air-driven home lifts are not only innovative but also eco-friendly and come with the maximum space your home needs.

All features and Specifications

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Specifications Series III Series III Max
Maximum Stops 4 Stops (G+3) 4 Stops (G+3)
Max Travel Height 13500mm / 531in 13500mm / 531in
Capacity Clear 210kg / 462lbs 240kg / 529lbs
Space Required 1010mm / 40in 1430mm / 56in
Internal Cabin Diameter 749mm / 29in 1160mm / 46in
External Cylinder Diameter 935mm / 37in 1343mm / 53in