Series III Standard

From $70K To $175K*

Enhance Your Living Space with Elegance and Ease

Upgrade your home with Series 3, our cutting-edge, air-powered residential elevator system. Enjoy the simplicity of sophisticated design, fluid movement, and improved accessibility that revitalizes your living environment.

Experience the elegance.

Specifications Series III
Maximum Stops 4 Stops (G+3)
Space Required 1010mm / 40in
Max Travel Height 13500mm / 531in
Internal Cabin Diameter 749mm / 29in
Capacity Clear 210kg / 462lbs
External Cylinder Diameter 935mm / 37in

Important Benefits of Series III Standard

Advanced Suspension System

The Series III home lifts by NIBAV elevates the standard for luxury and efficiency in vertical movement, featuring a distinctive suspension system that ensures smooth arrivals and enhances both the quality of the ride and the device’s longevity.

Futuristic Engineering

NIBAV’s glass elevators bring the future to life with cutting-edge production techniques and materials, offering unparalleled durability and a sleek look. These elevators redefine expectations for safety and elegance in lift design.

Modular Enhancements

Designed for swift installation within 24 hours, NIBAV’s home lifts arrive in a fully disassembled format and offer flexibility for custom adjustments and aesthetic upgrades.

Self-Supporting Structure

Engineered for independence, NIBAV home elevators boast polycarbonate glass shafts that are 250 times stronger than standard glass, removing the necessity for external supports such as beams or walls.

360° Panoramic View

Focused on enhancing comfort and security, NIBAV’s air-driven home elevators provide comprehensive views for increased safety and engagement, along with a superior, visually captivating experience.

Personalized Aesthetics

A bespoke elevator symbolizes prestige, highlighted by its distinctive design and personalized engraving options that affirm its exclusivity and tailor-made construction for the owner.

Pioneering Safety Mechanisms

NIBAV’s residential elevators surpass conventional safety standards with four levels of protection, offering unparalleled security and tranquility for users and their families.

Are you aware that the technology used in our elevator is the safest globally?

In the event of a power outage, the elevator cabin automatically goes down to the ground floor, enabling passengers to manually exit.
Our Sure Stop feature ensures the elevator cabin halts within 2 inches in scenarios like pneumatic failure or when it’s moving too fast.
In the event of a power outage, the house elevator cabin automatically goes down to the ground floor, enabling passengers to manually exit.
For emergencies, the elevator’s door is equipped with a Conventional Lock that allows for manual unlocking.
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Elevate Your Style with
Customisable Lift Finishes

NIBAV’s wide range of colour options make sure the elevator will blend with any interior decor.

Limited Edition( Matt / Glossy )

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The 2023 Nibav vacuum home elevator model represents a monumental leap forward from its predecessors and other traditional home elevators, showcasing remarkable improvements in technology and design.

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