Series III Max

From $70K To $175K*

Transform Your Home with Elegance and Ease

Introducing the Series III Max, the larger, more spacious version that takes home elevators to the next level. Experience cutting-edge, air-driven technology that offers smooth transitions, effortless style, and improved accessibility throughout your home. The Series III Max is also designed to accommodate wheelchairs, making it a perfect solution for enhancing comfort and mobility.

Feel the luxury

Specifications Series III Max
Maximum Stops 4 Stops (G+3)
Space Required 1430mm / 56in
Max Travel Height 13500mm / 531in
Internal Cabin Diameter 1160mm / 46in
Capacity Clear 240kg / 529lbs
External Cylinder Diameter 1343mm / 53in

Major Benefits of The Series III Max

Advanced Suspension Technology

The Nibav Series III Max residential elevators redefine luxury and efficiency in vertical movement, thanks to their cutting-edge suspension system. This system ensures smooth, seamless landings, enhancing ride comfort and durability, setting a new standard in the industry.

Cutting-edge Design

Utilizing contemporary materials and manufacturing techniques, the Series III Max exemplifies futuristic engineering. Its design not only offers superior durability and a sleek appearance but also sets new benchmarks in safety and style for compact elevators.

Modular Design for Easy Installation

Arriving semi-assembled for quick setup in just 2 to 48 hours, the Series III Max is designed for convenience. Its modular nature allows for straightforward upgrades and customization of the interior, enhancing its adaptability and functionality.

Self-Supporting Structure

The Series III Max incorporates polycarbonate glass shafts, which are 250 times stronger than conventional glass, eliminating the need for external supports. This innovative design feature simplifies installation and enhances aesthetic appeal.

Panoramic Views for an Immersive Experience

Offering 360° visibility, the Series III Max focuses on delivering a safe, comfortable, and visually stunning journey. Its design prioritizes panoramic views, enhancing the riding experience with unmatched clarity and connection to the surroundings.

Customizable Elegance

The Series III Max elevators offer personalized customization, from unique designs to bespoke engravings, making each lift a symbol of prestige tailored to the homeowner’s tastes and preferences.

Advanced Safety Features

Equipped with four layers of safety measures, the Series III Max domestic lifts go above and beyond standard safety requirements. They ensure unparalleled security and peace of mind for users and their families.

Wheelchair Accessible

With a lifting capacity of 240 Kg and a cabin diameter of 1160mm, the Series III Max is engineered to accommodate wheelchairs and other heavy loads easily. This model is specifically designed with accessibility in mind, catering to diverse needs and ensuring inclusivity.

Are you aware that our elevator system is recognized as the safest worldwide?

In the event of a power failure, our elevator car is designed to automatically descend to the ground level, allowing passengers to safely exit on their own.
If the elevator becomes immobilized between floors, an emergency landing feature is accessible both inside and outside the cabin, enabling it to reach the ground floor.
Our unique Sure Stop technology ensures the glass elevator car halts within 2 inches in situations of pneumatic failure or if it’s moving too quickly.
Additionally, a traditional lock is available on the elevator door for manual unlocking during emergencies.
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Elevate Your Style with
Customisable Lift Finishes

NIBAV’s wide range of colour options make sure the elevator will blend with any interior decor.

Limited Edition( Matt / Glossy )

Explore the Expanding Opportunities

The latest Nibav air driven home lifts model for 2023 has undergone significant technological and design enhancements, setting it far apart from its predecessors and other conventional home elevators.

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