A True Balance of Comfort & Luxury with Nibav Home Elevators Canada

Nibav presents a revolutionary line of air-driven home elevators in Canada, designed to enhance comfort and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home. Wave farewell to challenging staircases and welcome a future filled with unparalleled luxury and ease.

Who are we?

Elevate your living experience with Nibav Home Elevators in Canada, where our skilled artisans meticulously cater to the distinct needs of the dynamic Canadian residences. With a proud presence in 12 countries, including Ontario and Quebec City, we have redefined the regional landscape as leading home elevator manufacturers in Ontario. Our extensive global presence is marked by more than 40 experience centers, underscoring our commitment to excellence and distinguishing us as a brand of choice. Spanning across more than ten countries, including Canada, Nibav broadens its reach with 31 showrooms and a dedicated workforce of 1,400 employees.

We offer an unmatched home elevator experience, combining luxury, comfort, and environmental sustainability in our distinguished product range, creating an indelible mark on the sphere of residential vertical travel. Experience the luxury of a star in the comfort of your home!

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Why choose the home elevators

Cutting-Edge Technology:
Benefit from the newest innovations in home elevator systems, guaranteeing a seamless and reliable operation during each use.

Eco-Friendly Solutions:
We prioritize environmental stewardship by offering domestic elevators that are designed with sustainability in mind, aiming to reduce ecological footprints.

Expert Installation:
Rely on our team of expert technicians for a smooth and customized elevator installation experience, crafted to suit your unique needs

Energy-Efficient Home Elevator that Perfectly Fits Your Needs
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Nibav Series III Standard – Two Person Home elevators in Canada

This model represents a hallmark of creativity, featuring a seamless Series III standard two persons home lifts in Canada design that enhances the aesthetic of any home interior without the sight of any screws. Beyond its design features, this model adheres to the highest safety protocols, ensuring utmost comfort and convenience for its inhabitants.

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Nibav Series III Max – Wheelchair Accessible Home Elevators in Canada

The Series III Max Wheelchair Accessible Home Elevators in Canada variant is a larger and significantly more accessible version compared to the standard model. With a lifting capacity of 240 kilograms and an internal diameter of 1160 mm, it provides ample space to comfortably accommodate a wheelchair. The Max variant ensures smooth and convenient mobility for all family members within the household.

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Now Assembled in Canada

Starting at $70K

The latest 2023 model of Nibav air-driven home elevators Canada represents a significant advancement in technology and aesthetics, placing it far ahead of its predecessor and other conventional home elevators.
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The 2023 model of Nibav Air-Driven home elevators in Canada represents a significant advancement in both technology and design, surpassing not only its previous iteration but also outperforming conventional home elevator options.
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All About small home Elevators Canada (FAQ)

What is a Nibav Home Elevator?
Nibav Luxury Home Elevators in Canada provide homeowners with a convenient and straightforward means of traversing between floors in multi-story residences. These home lifts utilize non-hydraulic cable systems, offering an alternative solution to the Nibav Seriers 3 MaX Home elevator when stairs present difficulties. Additionally, the variety of Nibav Home elevator options available serves as an excellent method for future-proofing your home for later stages of life.
How much does a Nibav Home Elevator cost in Canada?

The cost of a Nibav Home Elevator in Canada can vary depending on several factors, including the specific model chosen, customization options, elevator installation requirements, and any additional features desired. Generally, elevator prices range from $70k to $175K. For a more accurate quote tailored to your needs, it’s recommended to contact a Nibav representative or authorized dealer who can provide a personalized assessment and pricing details.

Why Choose a Home Elevator Canada by Nibav?
Residential elevators, as the exclusive home elevator option globally, offer both accessibility and increased property value in a refined manner. They demand significantly less construction, space, energy, and maintenance compared to conventional home elevators or lifts. Employing pneumatic technology, these self-contained, panoramic home elevators present homeowners with an environmentally friendly and visually appealing choice for retrofits or new construction endeavors. Nibav home elevators are typically installed within a mere 2–3 days.
How safe are Nibav home elevators canada?
Our Nibav home elevators canada prioritize safety above all else. Each elevator comes with height, weight, and out-of-balance sensors, alongside advanced safety features like emergency stop buttons, door interlocks, and backup power systems. We adhere to industry standards and regulations to ensure our elevators meet rigorous safety requirements.
What types of home elevators do Nibav Lifts offer in canada?
Nibav home elevators in canada offers a wide range of home lifts, including pneumatic vacuum lifts, air-driven lifts,home elevators, and small residential elevators. Discover our innovative solutions designed for effortless integration, offering both style and accessibility for elevated living. Explore our range today!
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